Below are the range of services we offer plus an indication of our rates.


Web Design

We provide design and development of websites from conception to delivery. We consult with clients to fully understand their business needs before embarking on any project. Where relevant we work with the brand, information architecture, the user experience, security, accessibility, search engine optimisation, usage statistics, content management and e-commerce.



Tech-Tonic CMS

Setup normally takes a couple of hours and provides you with a secure lightweight CMS, seamlessly integrated into your existing website. All we need is FTP details from your current host.

£100/yr + setup

Custom Drupal CMS

Implementation of a feature-rich CMS run on arguably the best open source framework in the world.



We provide impartial advice on how to manage a website's content within any given budget.



Computer MOT

We clean viruses and spyware from Microsoft Windows machines (we admire Apple Macs but we're not specialists). We update the operating system, antivirus, antispyware and firewall security software. In addition we optimise the hard drive so the machine runs as smoothly as possible. We provide a document detailing the MOT result.


IT Support and Training

We provide general IT support and training of software, operating systems and networks, where possible this is done using our secure remote support software.


Computer/iPod/iPhone Repair

We repair software and hardware problems (within reason). Contact us for a quote.

Note: Computer Service call-outs may incur an additional charge.

Call for quote


Basic Hosting

Your site is hosted on a shared server. Ideal for any sites that aren't e-commerce or high traffic - eg a blog, portfolio or simple company website. Includes 1 MySQL database and 5 email addresses.


Basic Hosting + CMS

As above but you are able to edit the content on your website using a WYSIWYG editor.


Advanced Hosting

Your site is hosted on one of our cloud-based Virtual Private Servers. These fast servers can handle high traffic and are perfect for e-commerce. Includes up to 3 MySQL databases, plus a free domain SSL certificate and server control panel for configuration.


Advanced Hosting + CMS

As above but includes the ongoing management of a Drupal CMS by Tech-Tonic making sure the software is up to date and secure.



On-site SEO

We perform analysis of the keywords people use to find your type of website, then we tweak the content of your webpages to give customers a far better chance of finding you. We also make a number of technical changes to the code so it is easily understandable by the search engines. We finally submit your site to the major search engines so all pages are visible.


Ongoing SEO

Once your site appears high in the search engine results, it needs to be tweaked to stay ahead of the competition. Good quality external links to content in your website need to be created. These will be links from, for example niche websites covering your industry, forums discussing an industry topic or reputable online directories.